Queen’s Education Group (QE Group) is a global multi-sector education provider & trusted university exclusive recruitment partner that has helped many learners to create life-enhancing experiences. QE Group has a multifaceted service offering. In addition to its own course offering through Queen’s Learning Center, QE Group has been driving partnerships in global education for years. QE Group ensures the quality of both the courses that it delivers and also for the partners whose programs it promotes.

QE Group has an extensive portfolio that covers, university pathway programs, Foundation/Diploma courses, admission access to 500+ institutions worldwide, and English language training for different tests. QE Group also has its own test called Queen’s English Test (QET) which is accepted by many institutions around the world.

QE Group operates primarily in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe, but also maintains staff and offices in over a dozen other counties, including; India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, UAE & many other countries. Each year QE Group welcomes over 5,000 students from around the world to its partner institutions.

Major services:

  •       Deliver University pathway programs,
  •       Foundation/Diploma courses,
  •       Admission access to 500+ institutions worldwide,
  •       English language training for different tests


40000+ Courses

150+ Employees

55+ Countries

5000+ Students

15 million + Scholarship



Our Vision:
Our Vision is to Identify, Support, and Nurture our students. We aim to establish Higher Educational Institutes and University pathway study centers in top-tier cities around the world.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to grow by bridging the educational gap and providing the greatest possible learning environment. We do this by:
•     Provide our students with a wide range of options so they can expand their horizons and build their own constellation of success-oriented chances.
•     Students will get the chance to fulfill their potential and pursue their aspirations, whatever they may be.
•     To offer exemplary academic performance.
•     To encourage moral behavior and our students’ growth in social responsibility and awareness.
•     Encourage all students to set high goals in all they do and not place any restrictions on their aspirations.
•     To give devoted attention to all student


The Admission Portal is an online admission platform that provides a centralized and streamlined process for students to submit their applications in 500+ institutions, upload necessary documents, and track their application status. The admission portal typically requires students to create an account and provide personal information, academic records, and standardized test scores. Once the application is submitted, students can track their application…Learn More
Monarch University(MU) is one of the top-performing universities for applied sciences. Monarch University also places a strong emphasis on research and innovation. It encourages students to pursue independent research projects and provides them with ample opportunities to collaborate with faculty members and industry partners. MU offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as business, engineering, arts, and sciences… Learn More
Queen’s English Test (QET) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess a candidate’s proficiency in English. The test evaluates the candidate’s abilities in reading, writing, speaking, and listening and provides a comprehensive evaluation of their overall English language skills. The Queen’s English Test is recognized by many universities, employers, and government agencies around the world as a reliable measure of English proficiency…Learn More
Inceptial IT is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in more than 25 countries to navigate their digital transformation. We have had grand success in the EduTEch sector & helping many educational institutions with a Learning management system, and comprehensive coverage for cloud-based web services and mobile applications. We also provide Excellent management, accounting, cash flow expertise, HRM and payroll software… Learn More
My Trip is an online travel booking platform that offers a range of services to help travelers plan and book their trips. Primarily we focus on helping our students to book their flights & accommodation. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows travelers to search for flights, hotels, and activities based on their preferences and budget. With My Trip, travelers can easily compare prices and find the best deals on flights and hotels. The platform also… Learn More
Welcome to Queen’s Learning Center, the Language education and University pathway division of Queen’s Education Group! We provide students all over the world with everything you need to study anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a distance learning program to study online at home, or you want to experience university life on campus, we have programs for both. The majority of our programs are available fully online with options for part-time studies and… Learn More

The Color

Our chosen color is green. Green is often associated with nature, growth, and harmony. It is a color that symbolizes new beginnings, freshness, and renewal

The Alphabets

In our logo we used ‘QE’. The full form of ‘QE’ is Queen’s Education Group.

The Shape

In general, the square is often associated with stability, balance, and order. It is a shape that represents structure and organization.

The Orientation

The orientation of our logo is horizontal. The orientation of the graduation hat is vertical.


Welcome to Queen’s Learning Center, the Language education and University pathway division of Queen’s Education Group! We provide students all over the world with everything you need to study anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a distance learning program to study online at home, or you want to experience university life on campus, we have programs for both. The majority of our programs are available fully online with options for part-time studies and generous scholarships: so, you can find a degree that suits your learning style and situation. 5,000 students already study with us—we hope you will too.


Queen’s English Test (QET) was Created by Queen’s Learning Center. English proficiency test was developed over 5 years with leading scientists in the field of English assessment. Queen’s English Test (QET) Test Centre offers the English Language Level Test as an alternative to students unable to access an IELTS or equivalent test as evidence of their English language level for entry into a top-ranked University.
Queen’s English Test (QET) is a four-step assessment taken to ascertain your current English language level and can be completed 100% online. QET English level test is available on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection and less than two of your time.

On successful completion of all four steps of the assessment, students receive certification and a full report, allowing them to move forward and apply to university courses with proof of English without ever leaving their home.

The assessments are led by highly-qualified and experienced staff and processed by the QEG language admissions team.




Innovative cloud-based marketplace that combines technologically advantage with a high tech approach, employing fastest and secure AI & Machine Learning to match the needs of a student with the best possible study outcome.


By giving students the access, knowledge, platform, and services they need to be able to study anywhere in the world, QE Group improves lives through higher education.

Meet our team

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Franck Miller

Franck Miller

Managing Director
Larry Davis

Larry Davis

Business Development Manager
Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper

Head of Compliance




Queens Education Group is founded with a vision to become a high quality language training center and global university recruiting partner.


Queens Education Group welcomes Queen’s Learning Center, providing several new English programs and expanding its services to include university pathway programs.


Queens Education Group opens its first English Test called ElPT, developed by a team of language assessment experts, with a focus on creating a reliable and valid English language proficiency test and offering a more comprehensive assessment of English language proficiency.


As the Group expands, it establishes the Monarch University, one of the best universities for Applied Sciences, as its first university, offering online courses to students all over the world.


Queens Education creates its own Admission Portal, an online admission platform that provides a unified and streamlined approach for students to submit their applications upload essential documents, and follow their application status.


Queens Education Group expanded its business to include My Trip, a travel and tourism company. This strategic move allows Queens Education Group to offer more comprehensive services to international students and travelers. My Trip represents a significant step forward for Queens Education Group as it continues to grow and evolve as a global education provider.


Inceptial IT, a platform launched by Queens Education Group, is a world leader in consulting and next-generation digital services. More than 25 countries’ worth of clients can traverse their digital transition through this platform.


Queens Education Group becomes a trusted university recruitment partner, by collaborating with over 20 Universities by providing university pathway programs to students and further expanding its global reach.



Queens Education Group was awarded as the Best Recruitment Partner for the European Market.


The Group collaborates with several Universities increasing its portfolio and developing university pathway programs to help students prepare for higher education.


Queens Education Group partners with many more universities to offer joint programs, allowing students to earn a university degree.


The partnership between QE Group and IAU represents a significant step forward for both organizations, as they work together to provide high-quality education and support to students globally.


The Group continues to grow its international presence, opening a study center in Malta and strengthening its partnerships with International American University.


Queens Education Group celebrates its 13th anniversary and continues to expand globally by setting up another study center at Dubai for International American University.